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Lending and Circulation

Borrowing privileges are granted only to students and academic staff of the College of Europe. External users can consult the library material and documents only on site. The maximum number of items which may be borrowed is 20. The loan period is two weeks. Loans may be renewed if the materials have not been requested by other users. Loans are automated. Special loan rules are applied to material reserved for courses held in the College of Europe.

Please note that borrowing/return operations at the Loan Desk end 10 minutes before the closing of the Library


One self-service photocopy machine/printer/scanner is located in the computer room on the first floor. Single photocopies cost 0,06 zl (black/white) 0,20 (colour). Students of the College are provided with PIN numbers allowing them to use the photocopy machine. They can also use they student cards to authenticate on the machine. External users can obtain a PIN at the Reference Desk and pay a fee for photocopies there.


The Library provides computers offering full access to electronic information resources available on-site and via the Internet. There are 5 computers installed in the Reference Room and 10 computers in the Computer Room on the first floor of the Library building. The Library also allows the use of laptops and provides free WiFi access to the Internet. External users can obtain an access code to WiFi at the Reference Desk.

Acquisition Proposals

The Library warmly welcomes proposals for the acquisition of new books and periodicals which fit the Library acquisition profile. Proposals can be submitted by e-mail to Library Director or to Acquisition proposals should be as complete and correct as possible. They should contain an ISBN for books and an ISSN for periodicals. They should also contain the proposer’s personal data and e-mail address so that the Library could notify the proposers on the status of their acquisition request.

Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery

The Library offers limited interlibrary loan services (ILL). Special arrangements may be made from time to time with the College's Library in Bruges for the loan of books and the supply of other documents. The Library staff can also offer help in locating requested publications in other libraries. Students are kindly requested to send their queries in this respect to Interlibrary rules and ILL form are available here (PDF, MS Word). Please note that books from the Natolin Library can be borrowed via ILL only by libraries and not by individuals.