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6 December 2004

We are happy to inform you that the contract for the automation of Natolin Library including software implementation, training and data load of bibliographic records was signed today. Dynix UK will provide Horizon package in release 7, installation will take place in early April after the pre-installation meeting scheduled for the second week of March 2005. The implementation timeline will be officially released in mid-March after meetings in London.

With the new library system Natolin Library will be able to publish its catalogue on the Internet, to automate loans and returns, and start the indexation of numerous electronic resources (e-content of periodicals, e-books or working papers) as well as carry out various information activities through the Selective Distribution of Information module.

The Horizon system is installed in Bruges Library where it has been functioning successfully since 1996.

For more information, please contact the Library Director.

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Dynix press release
[PDF file, 300 Kb]